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How to use and preserve a solid shampoo?


It seams like a soap bar, but it is a shampoo in all respects! Lets learn together the best way to apply it to hair and how to preserve it over time

For sure you have heard of solid shampoo: you find it in a compact format, very similar to a hand soap bar and for this reason in English it is also called shampoo bar. But, to all intents, it is a shampoo!

If it is the first time you try it, you may wonder what makes it different from a liquid shampoo (if this is the case, read our article Five reasons for trying Essential Shampoo Bars) or simply you wonder how it is used. Lets discover together how you apply a shampoo bar to your hair and how you can better preserve it in order to make it last longer, avoiding waste.

Solid shampoo, this is how it is used

  1. Wet the solid shampoo with water and rub it between your hands to create a soft, creamy foam.
  2. Apply the foam to wet hair and massage until it is evenly distributed. The sensation may be a little different compared to what you feel with traditional liquid shampoos, but the foam is rich and soft.
  3. We recommend applying the shampoo on your hands and not directly on your scalp, since this manner makes it possible to calibrate the correct amount of shampoo for your hair, avoiding waste and making the soap bar last longer.
  4. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.
  5. Continue with your favourite conditioner and styling. After drying you will have hair that is soft and bright as always.

Preserve the shampoo bar, avoiding waste

Preserving the shampoo bar is very simple, both at home as well as when traveling!

  1. Water is a very important resource! While you apply the solid shampoo, always remember to shut off the shower water.
  2. After using your shampoo bar, rinse it well to eliminate any foam or hair residue. This way it will last longer.
  3. If at home, place the shampoo bar back into a soap bar holder and leave it exposed to air until it is completely dry.
  4. Once dry, between hair washings, we recommend keeping the shampoo bar inside a protective case.
  5. If you like, you can purchase the comfortable shampoo bar holder BOX of the Essential Haircare line, decorated with original illustrations! Our small box also contains a removable and washable grid, in order to ensure maximum shampoo bar hygiene. Furthermore, it is a perfect travel case.

Find the shampoo bar that is perfect for you!

The Davines shampoo bar is available in four versions: VOLU, MOMO, LOVE and DEDE. Find the one that is best suitable for your hair or the result you wish to obtain and remember that it is always preferable to accompany shampoo with a complete hair routine, with conditioner or another leave-on product.

VOLU for fine and thin hair

MOMO for dehydrated hair

LOVE for
frizzy hair

DEDE for delicate washing

Is your favourite Essential shampoo missing in the solid version?

Are you a Davines lover? Then you might have noticed that, at this time, not all Essential families have a corresponding solid shampoo. Honestly, we are working on this: we will not propose a solid shampoo version if we are not sure we are offering the best quality!

If we are missing your favourite shampoo, you can continue to use the liquid one. Otherwise, take a leap and experiment with another solid bar.


Reference by Davines